by David Moore
Manager of Technical Services and Board Certified Entomologist
with contributions by Eric Smith, PhD, BCE

If you have had a termite treatment, then you know they are an investment in your home. Not only to remedy your current problem, but to help prevent future intrusions and property damage. It is important to keep up your termite warranty to continue your coverage after the treatment has been completed to maintain your home’s coverage. 

Something that people always forget about is their termite warranty when they are modifying their home. As you are planning ahead to expand your living space, think about how these modifications will disrupt your termite treatment. Any time you have an extension built onto your home, a termite treatment is required. That is the easy one to remember. However, if you add a patio, perform extensive landscaping, pour a new front porch, or anything else that may disrupt the soil an additional termite treatment should be performed. 

The additional treatment is necessary for a couple of reasons. First, you will need to replenish the protection around your home. If you have just disturbed the soil, then your home’s protection has been compromised. This provides an opportunity for termites to get into your home and cause damage until it is noticed. The second reason the additional treatment is necessary is to continue your home’s coverage. In many cases, soil disruption will cause a termite guarantee to become voided since you have caused the break in the coverage. By alerting your termite treatment provider that you have plans to add to your home or landscaping will give you the opportunity to get the proper coverage for those areas that you need.

If you have a termite guarantee, then you understand the value of maintaining it. Keeping up with your termite guarantee will take away the risk of an additional termite treatment in case more termites arrive at your home. By alerting your provider of any potential disruption to the surrounding areas around your home, you will continue to protect your home and be able to continue the coverage that you have diligently maintained.