Termites cause more than a billion dollars of estimated damage each year in the United States, which is more than fire, flood, and other natural disasters combined. Since most people cite their first home as their single largest investment, and since most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover termite damage, it is critical that you take the proper steps to protect your home.

Termite swarming season is another variable that can catch home and business owners off guard. Each year, as the weather warms, termite swarmers begin emerging en masse, tunneling through more open areas of your space. Prepare yourself with this guide from our experts on Termite Swarming Season.

In the Eastern United States, subterranean termites present a significant threat to home and business owners, especially if left untreated. Since 1944, Dodson Pest Control has been developing the most comprehensive termite treatment and termite control solutions to protect your home or business. If you suspect that termites have already been established and are causing damage, contact your local Dodson Pest Control office and request a free termite inspection.

Subterranean Termite Treatment

Your trained Dodson Pest Control inspector will build a customized subterranean termite control plan tailored to your particular needs based on the layout of your property and the severity of the termite infestation. 

Termite liquid treatment
About liquid treatment

Liquid is applied to the soil beneath concrete floors and/or along the entire perimeter of your property’s foundation to treat for the termites. The product is safe for children and pets both interior and exterior.

Additionally, the application of subterranean termite treatment may necessitate minimal property modifications. 

Who should request these treatments?

Subterranean termite treatments are designed for homes and businesses who want to take proactive measures to preserve their property, especially in places where subterranean termites are a serious threat.

How much does a subterranean termite treatment cost?

Understanding the challenge is the first step in evaluating the cost of a termite treatment. The following considerations will determine which termite treatment is best for your property:

  • Termite infestation severity – If you have a high number of subterranean termites you may need a more thorough treatment.
  • The size of your property – and its surroundings will have a direct impact on the type of treatment recommended.

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Termite inspection

Termite inspections are essential every year to detect termite activity early. If found in time, you may be able to avoid large-scale damage and costly repairs. Termite inspections evaluate the factors that make a home or property vulnerable to wood-destroying pests and identify strategies to reduce the likelihood of re-infestation.

Our trained technicians can identify the hazards of termite infestation on your property with annual inspections. 

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How do we inspect for subterranean termites?

Our trained technicians at Dodson Pest Control do a thorough inspection of your house or property, both interior or exterior, looking for evidence of termite activity and potential entrance points.

Using local knowledge since 1944

You can trust that we have the knowledge to address your termite infestation. Dodson Pest Control technicians have extensive on-the-ground termite control experience as well as in-depth local knowledge, all supported by research and industry-leading innovation. Dodson Pest Control technicians are your best protection against termites because they are familiar with the climate and pest challenges in your area.

What to expect during a termite inspection

Scheduled inspections take an average of 1 to 1.5 hours to complete, depending on the size and intricacy of your property. Here is what you can expect during a termite inspection:


One of our qualified inspectors will address your concerns and any special needs you may have prior to your termite inspection. Our inspector will give you a detailed summary of what the inspection will include. Please remove any clutter and items stored against the perimeter of your property to make the inspection procedure easier. The inspector will need full access to all of your property’s walls.

During the inspection

The inspector will look at the property’s interior and exterior, including attics, patios, porches, garages, and sub-areas (basements, crawl spaces, etc.). The inspector will search for prospective leaks in high-moisture regions, places with impaired structural integrity, and indicators of subterranean termites themselves in each of these areas.


When the termite inspection is finished, you will get a report outlining the findings, including whether or not termite activity was identified, as well as any areas of concern and damages (if any). The report will also provide recommendations and an estimate for treatment and follow-up so that you may choose the best treatment plan.

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