Bed bug infestations come with a lot of heartache and worry. If you’ve recently discovered these pests in your home—perhaps through finding bites on your skin or finding moltings in your bed or couch cushions—you definitely don’t want to wait to get rid of them. Ridding your residence of these pests becomes priority one! For the sake of your sanity and time, let us help you.


Common Bed Bug Home Solutions (And Why They Don’t Work)

We know there are all kinds of DIY bed bug remedies out there. Some include washing clothes and bedding in hot water, thoroughly vacuuming, spreading chemicals or filling cracks in walls. However, these are all solutions that, while they may kill the bed bugs in the infested clothing or linens, will not treat the underlying infestation. Not to mention, trying home remedies without knowing how to properly use them (i.e. using harsh chemicals) could potentially be hazardous to you or your family’s health or be harmful to your possessions.

Bed bugs are small, hardy, clever insects about the size and shape of an apple seed. They hide easily and infest where you can’t reach them. If you turn up the heat to kill them, they’ll just move to a different area, since only extreme, controlled heat will kill them. If you wash your possessions in hot water, you’ll kill some, but not all of them. Using dryer sheets in the wash is also thought to be a good home remedy, but there is little scientific evidence backing this up. The only way to truly get rid of bed bugs in a quick and thorough manner is to call in the professionals!


Why Call Dodson?

At Dodson Pest Control, we have 75 years of experience eradicating household pests. We have trained professionals who know how to find bed bugs wherever they hide. We sometimes even bring in specialized scent detection canines to sniff them out when we have a hard time finding them. We have access to specialized treatments and techniques that are not available to consumers, and our technicians are trained to identify the best solution for your unique scenario. Our employees are also equipped with the knowledge of how to use these methods safely and ensure that their after effects—if there are any—don’t adversely affect you or your family. 

What You Can Expect from Dodson Bed Bug Treatments

Our entomologist, Dr. David Moore, is an expert on all things bed bugs. In this interview, he discussed Dodson’s treatment options.

Liquid Treatment Options

Liquid treatments are potent, and are typically utilized when a pest control technician has identified the source of a minor infestation. With this treatment, a certified Dodson tech will apply the liquid treatment to surfaces bed bugs frequently visit. The liquid will kill the pests as bed bugs make contact. 

Fumigation Options

Fumigations are the most effective way to rid your home of pests, including bed bugs. Fumigations can only be conducted by licensed pest control professionals. Depending on how severe and widespread an infestation is, a technician may recommend a tape and seal or traditional fumigation to ensure the problem is remedied. 

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