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No one wants pests in their home or business and should have a reliable and professional pest management company ready to address their needs. Since 1944, our family owned company has been delivering our services to generations of satisfied customers. We stand prepared to service our customers any way we can. Dodson Pest Control would like to add you to the list of satisfied customers. Please contact us today for a free inspection and evaluation. You can rely on Dodson Pest Control when you have a pest issue.

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Be On Alert.

As the weather cools down, you may be seeing pests around your house. In the Winter months, here are some things to be on the lookout for:

Look for Spots on Your Mattress
The first sign of a bed bug infestation is often the appearance of small brownish or reddish dots on bed linens and mattresses.
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Stink bugs come to a region to feed on crops, but then they enter local homes to survive the winter. Ladybugs and box elders are also common during this time.
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Many mistakenly think that termites are warm weather insects and let their guard down in the winter. Discarded wings, mud tubes, and hollow sounding wood are all signs of termites.
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What People Are Saying
Read More Testimonials
What People Are Saying
Read More Testimonials
Nicole / Dodson Customer
I'm so glad that Dodson Pest has taken care of our ants! I can see a 100% difference.
Bill / Homeowner
So thankful for your services!
Garlene / Homeowner
Tim Fox is such a nice representative. He is friendly, professional and aims to please!
Karen / Homeowner
Very satisfied with service.
Nanci / Homeowner
I am completely satisfied with Dodson and will continue to be a loyal customer.
Becky / Homeowner
Great service!
Sal / Homeowner
Our technician, Tim, was always very nice and service was great!
Darlene / Homeowner
Eddie Farmer was very professional, sweet and had a very personable manner. He took care of the problem and handled himself very professionally. 
Karen / Homeowner
The personnel were always courteous!
Stephanie / Downtown Motel
 Clyde is very respectful and professional.
Sarah / Dodson Customer
They went above and beyond, even coming back a few days later to re-spray. Love them!
Angie / Homeowner
I had an overall great experience with Dodson Bros. I will call again if I ever have any other pest problems I can’t handle. 
Kendall / Dodson Customer
Outstanding service when buying my first home. Thank you guys for being on top of things.
Dorothy / Homeowner
Very happy with the service.
Bonnie / Homeowner
We have had termite control with you for 19 years and have always received excellent service!
Wanda / Homeowner
Jeremy was a great service person. I would recommend him to anyone. He was always courteous and helpful!
Timothy / Homeowner
Our technician, Ray, has been very helpful in all our needs!
Ella / Homeowner
Your office is awesome!
Sean / Homeowner
We loved both of our technicians. They were great!
Judy / Homeowner
Benji, my pest man, was so friendly and professional and nice to work with!
Lesley / Homeowner
Kenneth was always very professional and very friendly. He’s a great guy!
Amy / Homeowner
Brad was our technician and he was great. Very friendly, professional and flexible.
Katherine / Homeowner
I was happy with your services. They were good. I would recommend Dodson Bros. to other people.
Megan / Homeowner
Extremely satisfied with service. Brad was great! Understood our needs and helped us develop a plan that was right for our family. 
Dallas / Homeowner
My tech, Jeff, was outstanding!
Dianne / Homeowner
Marcus was awesome!
Stephen & Sandy / Homeowners
I found every contact with your company representatives to be helpful, polite and professional.
Jim & Alman / Homeowners
I was well satisfied.
Thomas / Homeowner
The young man who serviced my home did a great job and was always polite and courteous.
Jeff & Coleen / Homeowners
I love Dodson! We’ve had you for 15 years.
Bernae / Homeowner
Dodson is an excellent pest control service. All service personnel were very courteous and respectful!
Barbara / Homeowner
Everyone I talked to at Dodson was great! If I ever have the need again, I will surely call.
David / Homeowner
My pest bug problem was solved. I got the best service from Dodson Pest Control. Thanks for great service!
Lisa / Homeowner
Excellent service- will use for all future needs!
James / Homeowner
We were very happy with Dodson and never considered shopping around once established. Great service!
Frank / Homeowner
Everything was very good!
Dodson Customer
Our service tech, Daniel, went above and beyond to make sure he addressed all of our areas of concern.
Randle / Homeowner
You guys were great!
James / Homeowner
Patrick came to my house for a service call. He was very respectful and knowledgeable about what he was doing. 
David / Homeowner
Our technician, Scott, was top notch.
Damon / Homeowner
Our technician that came out was always great!
Ron / Homeowner
Our technician, Todd, was very courteous, knowledgeable and dependable.
Adriane / Homeowner
The service all around was great. I would recommend to others.
Cherry / 24 Year Customer
The young man who provided our service was very nice.
Robert / Homeowner
Our technician, Tim, is a great asset to Dodson Bros.
Judith / Homeowner
All staff were professional, courteous and seemed always to provide great service. I am very pleased.
Michael / Avoca Museum
We appreciate his commitment to quality customer service.
Donald / Homeowner
Chris and phone personnel are always very nice.
Donna / Homeowner
We were very pleased with our technician, Cody, who was sent out to take care of our pest problem. He was very polite and professional!
Thomas / Homeowner
Your personnel did a good job on the termite job!
Kathy / Homeowner
Service was great! Employees were great!
Phyllis / Homeowner
I will recommend this service to anyone who needs it and when the ants come back.
Ken / Homeowner
Dodson is the best. Kenny took really good care of us!
Dodson Customer
James has been our exterminator for a while now. He is always very professional, polite and thorough in his work. 
Allison / Homeowner
Mark was great! So polite and kind each time he visited. He was the best part of our service.
Paul / Homeowner
My technician, James, was most accommodating. He was always pleasant and polite.
Laura / Homeowner
I have been very pleased with Dodson and Kenny was a great technician!
Gail / Homeowner
Thank you for such courteous service!
Susan / Homeowner
Always pleased and satisfied with Dodson!
Mary / Homeowner
The service that you supplied us with was outstanding. I have already recommended you all to my brother.
Carolyn / Homeowner
We were pleased with the monthly services provided by Harvey. Harvey is knowledgeable and pleasant and considerate.
Patti / Homeowner
Our technician was always prompt and courteous!
Nelson / Homeowner
We would like to comment all of the people out of the Hickory office for their professionalism and service.
Dodson Customer
Over many years, I have been very happy with Dodson. Scott has always been very good and nice.
Chris & Tiffany / Homeowners
The service was great!
Cynthia / Homeowner
Joseph was very pleasant and made every effort to meet my requirements on appointment times. I was very satisfied with service.
Mike / Homeowner
 Simply put- and without any reservations- I highly recommend their services!
Laura / Homeowner
You have provided wonderful service over the last year. Thank you!
Shiva / Homeowner
Thank you for the service!
Patrick / Homeowner
I have great respect for your services and with the people who work for you!
Pam / Homeowner
Thank you for your courteous and skilled service.
Trevor / Homeowner
We were extremely satisfied with our technician. He is knowledgeable and very professional.
Joni / Homeowner
Seriously, these guys have been amazing. The service Dodson is providing is so refreshing.
Michael / Homeowner
Chad is wonderful. Love working with him. He is a wonderful addition to your company and we are very glad he is our technician. 
John / Homeowner
Technician did a great job of targeting and controlling pests in a 110 year old house. Over a 5 year time period, pests were removed to near zero.
Wendy / Homeowner
The supervisor was extremely friendly and courteous. You are lucky to have people like him working for you.
Todd / Homeowner
Service was always outstanding.
Adele / Homeowner
The technician, Rob, was always prompt, very respectful and polite. Took time to explain about problems.
Belton / Homeowner
I liked the service, people and response time. If problems, you all came back until we were satisfied! If we ever moved back, I would ask for you all again.
Alexandrea / Homeowner
Everything was great especially the technician.
Scott / Homeowner
Service technician was absolutely the best!
Richard & Sandra / Homeowner
We have had Dodson termite and pest control for 20 years and have been very pleased with service. Staff was always very helpful!
Gwen / Homeowner
I’ve been with Dodson for many years with many services performed. Excellent service from Alex, my most recent technician. Thank you.
Karen / Homeowner
My technician David is great! He made sure we were taken care of before his vacation and made sure his visit was still good timing for us.
Larry / Homeowner
Dodson did an outstanding job!
Angela / Homeowner
Lucas and Robbie were amazing! They were always ready and willing to assist when called.
Greg / Homeowner
Thank you for the great service! Ronnie was outstanding. He always provided great service!
Mary / Homeowner
We love Jimmy!
Anne / Homeowner
Dodson Pest Control has been servicing my homes since the late 1970s. The example of your employees is an excellent testament to the quality of your business. 
Gerald / Homeowner
Our technician, Teresa, was excellent. She treated our home with care. We appreciate her professionalism!
Robley / Homeowner
Give Clyde an “atta boy!” Outstanding job done on re-inspection. Great guy with great attitude.
Dodson Customer
Thank you so, so much for having such great service and great employees!
Hugh / Homeowner
Ronnie is an asset to your company. Very professional, very detailed and polite.
Kent / Homeowner
You guys are great!
David / Homeowner
I know that Mr. Dodson would be proud to have such an outstanding employee as Mr. Sean. 
Cecilia / Homeowner
Your staff was efficient, on-time and concerned about correcting my problem of eliminating roaches in my house. They were able to identify where they were and get rid of them.
Jane / Homeowner
We have been so impressed with Brian’s extensive knowledge about best methods for treatment specific to our problem.
Kimberly / Homeowner
Technician Bruce is great! Very friendly, worked with my schedules and did a great job. He is very professional!
Steve / Homeowner
My service person was always attentive and personable.
Rose / Homeowner
I appreciate your service. I will also recommend you to anyone that is in need of a pest control service. Thank you again for your service.
Helen / Homeowner
Your men provide great service!
Mary Beth / Homeowner
For seven years, George has provided me with both excellent and caring service. He is definitely an asset to your company!
T. Ray / Homeowner
Mr. Jimmy was very professional in his conversations with me and i was impressed with the way he handled the situation. 
Garland & Barbara / Homeowner
We have been quite pleased with the results of your services.
Joyce / Homeowner
I want to say how much I appreciate my service tech, Holly. Her faithfulness to call me before she comes means a lot.
Marty / Homeowner
I enjoyed working with Dodson. You provided exceptional customer service and quality performance. Thank you!
Scott & Allison / Homeowner
Bobby is dependable, listens to our concerns and uses his pest control knowledge to problem solve! 
Michael / Homeowner
Matt was excellent!
Julie / Homeowner
Zach was great and we loved the service he provided.
Connie / Homeowner
Curtis is a wonderful man!
Mike / Homeowner
Rod is a good man and very efficient!
Don / Homeowner
Thank you, Rodney, for your years of servicing our home! 
Margaret / Homeowner
I was completely satisfied with the service by Sean! 
Darrel & Judi / Homeowner
Roy is prompt, professional, personable, impeccable and a great representation of Dodson Pest Control!
David / Homeowner
Our service man, Derek, was great!
Jeanne / Homeowner
Thank you for the past services by technician, Scott. I have found all of you to be very nice and proficient! 
Nicholas / Homeowner
"David did a great job. He worked us in and went out of his way. Very professional. Great employee!"
Gail / Homeowner
I am very pleased with new tech, James. He did a wonderful job, was very knowledgeable and very professional! 
Virginia / Homeowner
Urson is an excellent worker, very nice, professional and a godsend! 
Lori / Homeowner
Justin goes out of his way to keep me informed when servicing my home. He is such a great asset to your company! 
John / Homeowner
Todd did an excellent job of always addressing our needs! 
Stephen / Homeowner
Scott was a great tech!
Frank / Homeowner
Thanks for a great job, David!
Wake / Dodson Customer
Great company. Friendly, knowledgeable, honest.
Pam / Dodson Customer
Best exterminating company ever. Our tech person is exceedingly reliable, knowledgeable and friendly.
Sheryl / Homeowner
We moved, but no worries! We found a new house and as soon as we close, we'll be calling you. We loved your service, Ken Allen! 
Faith / Dodson Customer
I discovered a hornets' nest on my Prius hatchback. I called Dodson, and they came to the rescue within an hour... amazing! 
Ernest & Terry / Homeowner
We were very happy with the service and the people, especially our technician Robert! 
Craig / Dodson Customer
Such a great outfit. Professional, courteous and intelligent. Thanks, Dodson Bros.!
Clark / Homeowner
We have had excellent service and have trusted our service person, Michael, these past years! 
Linda / Dodson Customer
People are friendly and quick to respond. Highly recommend this company.
Jackie / Homeowner
Brian is personable and concerned about his customers. He is definitely an asset to your company! 
Homeowner / Dodson Customer
Dodson Brothers were prompt, did a great job, and their customer service was excellent.
David / Homeowner
They are always on top of their game! 
Jan / Dodson Customer
These guys were awesome! They new exactly what to do to fix my problem with a wasps nest inside my outdoor deck paneling. 
Mike / Homeowner
Adam was the best technician I ever had. He was always neat, professional and always on time! 
Casey / Homeowner
They just do really good service when they come here. If we have any concerns, they are quick to check them out! 
Terry / Homeowner
Great service by technician, William! Would highly recommend Dodson! 
J.R. / Homeowner
Service so good by technician, Scott, that we now use Dodson service in our present home! 
Connie / Homeowner
Just wanted to say, Josh, came out today and he was awesome, professional knowledgeable and patient. Great job, Josh! 
Jo / Homeowner
Thanks for giving me Tim. He does his job very well- in fact, excellent! Very friendly, polite and a good worker! Thanks! 
Diana / Homeowner
Just wanted to give high praises to James, our technician, who has been servicing our home for ten years. 
Craig / Homeowner
Ethan was exceptional to work with and we looked forward to his visits. 
Jillian / Homeowner
We have been customers for the past several years and very happy with the service!
Jenine / Homeowner
Andre is very professional and he did an excellent job! 
Nancy / Homeowner
Jeff was nice, informative, not hurried and a very kind person! 
Debbie / Homeowner
Shamsuddin went above and beyond with his customer service. I was very impressed. 
Linda / Homeowner
David has been the service technician at my home for years. He is always friendly and very customer-oriented. 
Jane / Homeowner
My tech, Richard, was always friend and professional and addressed all my questions and concerns. 
Patsy / Homeowner
Your service person, Chris, was A-1!
Nancy / Homeowner
Tim was extremely helpful and kind! Thank you and I will recommend you to all of my friends! 
Michaela / Homeowner
Awesome service from Roy!
Eric / Homeowner
Robert is great, very helpful and kind!
Sharon / Homeowner
I liked my service man, Jason, very much. He always explained what he was doing and was very friendly and professional. 
Virginia / Homeowner
I was very pleased with my service! 
Rick / Homeowner
Charles is a professional. Always takes care of our needs! 
Patricia / Homeowner
Devin did a super job, very thorough and has a great attitude! 
John / Homeowner
Just want you to know what a great job Tim did!
Joyce / Homeowner
Clyde, your salesman, was so nice. Incredibly great experience! 
Patty / Homeowner
Ryan did our service inspection today and was professional both on the phone the day before service and then today!
Mark / Homeowner
Amber is very knowledgeable about what she does. She is also very good to let me know what I need to do to help my own situation. 
Pat / Homeowner
Everyone was courteous and knowledgeable! 
Andrew / Homeowner
Most of our issues are now under control. We will call you whenever we might need you again. Thank you for your service! 
Barbara / Homeowner
Freddie was always so personable! 
Kenneth / Homeowner
The service provided has been excellent! 
David / Homeowner
Thank you for all the great years of incredible service! 
Greg / Homeowner
The young woman who helped us was conscientious and helpful and we really liked her! 
Joel / Homeowner
Jamie always did the extras I ask for...never an issue!
Julie / Homeowner
Steve and Timmy are both very knowledgeable on pest control!
Hope / Homeowner
I wanted to reach out and tell you how wonderfully helpful and patient Judi, you CSR, in the Myrtle Beach office was with me. 
Diane / Homeowner
Robert is very knowledgeable, courteous and pleasant to work with! 
Misty / Homeowner
Your staff are always friendly and we never minded their visits! 
Frank / Homeowner
Pat did a great job!
Tori / Homeowner
Jerry has been wonderful throughout the time of our service! 
Monica / Homeowner
David was extremely professional. Keep up the good work! 
Edward / Homeowner
Eric is wonderful, very conscientious and takes pride in his work. Thanks!
Amy / Homeowner
Love Matt! So courteous and kind! 
George / Homeowner
Excellent service! 
Mary / Homeowner
Everyone was so nice, courteous and professional! 
Adrianne / Homeowner
Marcus was amazing. He was always very attentive and courteous. Awesome service!
Bruce / Homeowner
Tim does a great job and I really appreciate his awesome service! 
Lori / Homeowner
Danny was wonderful and a pleasure to work with! 
Susan / Homeowner
Chad is an excellent representative of your "Dodson Family" of quality pest control. 
LaShonda / Homeowner
The service rep, Obie, that came out on both occasions is very professional and he took the time to answer any questions we had. 
Letty / Homeowner
Rossie is wonderful, has a great personality and is always respectful and pleasant. 
Charles / Homeowner
I am very pleased that Tim was the technician that took care of my house. 
Serena / Dodson Customer
Love Dodson Pest Control! Couldn't ask for better service or friendlier staff! Thanks guys for your service!
Ashley / Homeowner
We've been using them awhile now and the service and prices are great!
Caitlyn / Dodson Customer
I will not hesitate to use or refer friends and family to Dodson Pest Control. Thank you for all your help!
Karen / Dodson Customer
Dodson does a great job at my apartment complex and went out of their way to help me with a black widow today. Very much appreciated!