The Four-Legged Pantry Pest

Mice and rats can pose serious issues for homeowners. Not only can they damage the structure of your home, they carry many pathogens that can create long-term health problems. If you suspect you have a rodent issue, you’ll want to act quickly to keep your home and loved ones safe. Our Dodson Pest Control technicians will evaluate your unique scenario and deploy various treatments based on your circumstances.

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We are thankful for all your years of service!


Robin Hillyard has gone above and beyond to help us address a mouse infestation and even came out to our home on a vacation day when I sent her a text message.


In a world where excellent and thorough customer service seems to be on the verge of disappearing, Ronnie Whaley Jr. was a breath of fresh air, to say the least. I am very optimistic that, thanks to the excellent job he did, my rodent issues (which have gone on for eight months) have been solved. 


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Rodent FAQs

How do rodents enter homes?

Rodents can enter homes through even the most minor cracks and holes, as little as 1/4 inch for mice and 1/2 inch for rats. Common entry points include gaps around utility pipes, vents, doors, and windows.

What attracts rodents to homes?

Rodents are attracted to sources of food, water, and shelter. Food crumbs, spills, unsealed trash, clutter, and moisture can all attract rodents.

What are the signs of a rodent infestation?

Signs include droppings, gnaw marks, rub marks, nesting materials like shredded paper, and actually seeing live or dead rodents. Rodent sounds like scratching in walls are another indicator.

How can I prevent rodents from entering?

Seal all cracks and holes larger than 1/4 inch with steel wool, caulk, or other durable material. Keep areas clean by removing food sources, clutter, and moisture. Trim vegetation away from the home’s exterior.

Do rodents carry diseases?

Yes, rodents can carry and spread many diseases directly through bites, scratches, urine, feces, or indirectly through fleas, ticks, and mites. Some diseases include salmonella, hantavirus, and leptospirosis.

How do I get rid of rodents?

Use traps like snap traps or live traps to remove rodents. Baits containing rodenticides can also eliminate infestations but should be used with caution. Seal entry points to prevent future access.

Should I use poison for rodents?

Rodenticides should be used carefully and according to label instructions to avoid harming children, pets, and non-target animals. Trapping is preferred for home use.

Do ultrasonic repellers work against rodents?

Ultrasonic repellers are ineffective at deterring rodents long-term. Rodents can become accustomed to the sound over time.

How far can rodents travel?

Mice can travel 10-30 feet from their nests, while rats can travel 100-300 feet in search of food and water sources.

Do rodents hibernate or go away in winter?

No, rodents do not hibernate and are active year-round. They may nest inside homes in winter for warmth and available food.