Having bed bugs is serious business. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t carry or cause disease. However, their bites can cause allergic reactions, and there are many other consequences that can result from a continuing infestation. They are also commonly a source of much anxiety, and are a nuisance to deal with. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Professional exterminators can take care of the issue promptly and thoroughly. If you try to resolve the problem on your own, however, you could end up with a story like these:

bed bug nightmares

Teenager Starts Fire In An Attempt to Destroy Bed Bugs

This teenager made a solo effort to thoroughly destroy the pesky pests in his home. However, he instead accidentally wreaked havoc on his neighbors’ lives. His attempts to use fire to kill the bed bugs on his mattress also caused damage and destruction to his neighbors’ homes. Extreme heat can kill bed bugs, but it’s not a completely effective tactic. They will often just move away from the heated area, and are difficult for anyone besides a professional exterminator destroy in this way.

Man Trashes Mattress to Rid Apartment of Bed Bugs

This man fell victim to bed bugs in a home that most would consider safe from a bug infestation. But bed bugs don’t discriminate between clean and dirty residences. His solution was to trash his mattress (which then got stolen—oops), thoroughly clean his bedding and the home, and then call a service to eradicate what remained.

Woman Wages War On Bed Bug Infestation Resulting From Five-Star Hotel Stay

This woman discovered that you can get bed bugs even in a five-star hotel. Her story includes lots of aggressive pest-fighting measures, including laundry, plastic trash bags and strongly-worded communication with the hotel at fault for the bug problem. She wanted to make sure her experience doesn’t happen to anyone else who stayed in that hotel.

New York City Suffers From City-Wide Bed Bug Problem

This article shows just how fast and how far a bed bug infestation can spread in a large, close-quarters area if it’s not properly dealt with. City residents and people living in close proximity to one another be warned: bed bugs don’t mess around, so neither should you in getting rid of them.

Bed Bugs Issues Confirmed to Have Connection to Mental Health Problems

This study confirms what many people have already experienced. It shows just how harmful having bed bugs can be to one’s mental health, especially if people are not educated on what bed bugs are and how to deal with them. They are only be able to bite your skin, so don’t let them get inside your head and cause anxiety! Let the professionals handle it, and reclaim valuable peace of mind.

Apple Store Temporarily Closes Due to Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs are bad for business. Obvious, right? Well, this Apple store found that out the hard way through the mass exodus of customers who discovered the problem. In the end, having bed bugs promptly and properly exterminated from your business will help you—and your customers—more than trying to cover it up or deal with the problem internally.

Primary School Forced to Take Drastic Cleaning Measures to Eradicate Bed Bugs

This school has had an ongoing pest problem for years, to the point of becoming responsible for washing everything from children’s clothes to toys. This problem has majorly upset the community, which calls the administration’s reaction thus far “complacent.” This goes to show again that it is far better to call in professionals to solve your bed bug problem as soon as it’s discovered than it is to wait and try to fix the problem by yourself.

Lawyer’s Bed Bug Problem Causes Court House to Temporarily Close

Who knew bed bugs could directly affect court proceedings? Inattention or ignorance to a bed bug problem can be harmful to more than just you. If you want to make sure people around you remain bed bug-free, the first step is to make sure that you are.

Model Files Suit Against Hotel for Career-Harming Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs can affect your career even beyond the examples previously listed. This model filed a lawsuit as a result of a bed bug infestation that damaged her skin and disrupted her ability to be in front of a camera. Even worse, upon an inspection of the premises where the bed bug attack allegedly occurred, no bed bugs were found. Bed bugs can be difficult to find by anyone other than licensed professionals, so don’t just try to find them yourself.

Young Boy and Family Awarded $1.6 Million in Bed Bug Damages Suit

Mishandling a bed bug situation can result in expensive lawsuits. In this family’s situation, a young boy was scarred from getting so many itchy bed bug bites. Not only that, but it affected the entire family’s lives, too. They had to throw away many of their belongings and deal with significant anxiety and shame.

If you think you have a bed bug problem, don’t wait around! Contact Dodson Pest Control for a free consultation and get the problem taken care of before it gets out of hand.