Having a termite infestation is, unfortunately, rather serious business. Termites can eat wood at a rapid rate, causing structural damage that’s dangerous and can detract from the value of your property. It’s essential to eradicate any termite issues as soon as possible if you want to ensure your home is protected. Here’s what you need to know about termite treatment.

Locating a Termite Infestation

The first step to ridding your home or property of termites is identifying the kind of termite you are dealing with. In the eastern United States, the most common types of termites you’ll encounter are drywood termites and subterranean termites. You may also occasionally encounter formosan termites or dampwood termites depending on the season and overall climate. Regardless of what type of termite infestation you have on your hands, termites can wreak havoc on your home.

Since termites live off cellulose found in wood, termites can take up residence anywhere wood is present. They can infest wooden rafters, walls, attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Telltale signs of termites include: mud tubes dangling from walls, hollowed wood, rippled texture on wood services, termite droppings (or frass), and of course, spotting an actual termite. Outside the home, termites tend to favor gutters, mulch, patios, and fallen or fragile trees. If termites can find a food source, that area is susceptible to an infestation.

A professional termite inspector will be able to pinpoint the infested areas and determine the extent of the problem. While termite infestations can be caught early, if they are not, a termite colony can rapidly expand.

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What You Need to Know about DIY Termite Treatments

If you discover a pest problem, it’s natural to turn to DIY methods. The truth is, there are some DIY termite solutions that may partially work–but termites are notoriously difficult to eradicate. With the integrity of your property’s structure on the line, it’s a massive risk to try to tackle a termite problem by yourself. Solutions like boric acid, store-bought bait stations, and foggers are readily available to homeowners, but they simply won’t work as well as professional insecticides. If you want to get rid of termites for good, a professional pest control company is your best bet.

Don’t Try to Handle a Termite Infestation Yourself

No do-it-yourself pest control techniques or store-bought pesticides will do much to a termite infestation. Termites insulate and hide well enough that diatomaceous earth won’t make much of a difference, and trying to spray a pesticide will only kill a few, if any, of them. This is a scenario in which the only option to completely eradicate a pest infestation is to call the professionals. Since termites can cause significant damage to a home in record time, contacting a professional as soon as you notice an issue is essential.

Termite Control With Termidor™

At Dodson Pest Control, we proudly use industry-leading pest control products like Termidor™. This pesticide is a highly effective treatment that, when used properly by a trained exterminator, will infiltrate the entire termite colony and destroy it without harming your property or possessions. That way you can go back to life as usual and begin the process of deciding how best to fix whatever damage a termite colony may have caused.

Our termite personnel aren’t just exterminators–they’re highly familiar with termite activity and behaviors. This allows us to put together a strategy that will help you get rid of termites for good. No matter how severe your termite infestation is, Dodson Pest Control has treatment methods, including:

  • FREE termite inspections
  • Liquid treatments
  • Termite bait stations
  • Combined approach

Why Preventative Measures Matter

Like with most other pests, prevention is the best solution. By taking action to prevent future infestations, you can protect your home’s foundation before any termite damage occurs. Dodson Pest Control offers monthly maintenance plans and when our experts are on your property, they can make recommendations for what preventative measures you should take.

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