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Attracting many tourists, Myrtle Beach is home to numerous attractions, entertainment venues, restaurants and quite a few pests. Due to the large amount of tourist traffic, Myrtle Beach is a hot spot for bed bug activity. Pests also love the climate that the city experiences year-round.

Dodson Pest Control has over 75 years of experience with residential and commercial pest management, giving us the expertise needed to ensure you can enjoy a pest-free home or business. During our free inspection, our technicians will take the time to examine your pest problem from all angles and design a customized solution. If you wish to get in touch with our Myrtle Beach office, please fill out the form below. A member of our team will be in touch shortly!

Our office is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Some of the pest control services we offer include:

  • Bed Bug Management: Bed bug infestations are difficult to treat and require the intervention of professional pest control technicians to completely eradicate. DIY methods are unreliable, as bed bugs are hardy pests that are good at hiding and surviving. To read more about bed bugs, click here
  • Pest Bird Management: Pest birds like pigeons, sparrows and starlings can be a source of major economic, health and safety concerns. Contamination from bird droppings, feathers and the parasites they carry around result in millions of dollars’ worth of property damage and repairs each year.
  • Rodent Control: Rodents live mainly outdoors during spring and summer, but once fall and winter arrive, they try to move indoors to find warmth, shelter and food. Rodents can infest a space quickly and multiply rapidly. Removing them requires the skillful pest management techniques of experienced technicians.
  • Fly Management and Mosquito Control: Flies and mosquitoes have been known to carry over 100 types of disease-causing germs, so it’s vital to the health of your employees or family that they’re removed quickly. Once that’s done, we can treat your home or business in order to help prevent further infestation.
  • Termite Control: Each year, termites cause billions of dollars of property damage due to their wood-chewing and tunneling habits, and only the work of a well-trained pest control professional will get rid of them. Fortunately, our exterminators are well-versed in doing this. We can provide you with a free termite inspection, and you can discuss a termite treatment plan with our pest professionals.
  • Pest Management: If you have unwanted antsfleascockroachesbeesspiders, or other pests in your house, we can get rid of them for you. We use multiple strategies to identify and eliminate any home invaders, so you can rest easy knowing that your pest problem has been dealt with.
  • Moisture Control: Fungal spores thrive in dark, moist basements and crawl spaces. To prevent structural damage, existing moisture must be removed, and the space must be treated. As a result of using tools like the Atmox System, your basement or crawl space can benefit from increased airflow and reduced mold and moisture problems.
  • Home Inspections: We are not just here to get rid of your pest problems. We’re also here to help prevent them. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or real estate investor, our home inspections will provide the first step in ensuring that pests don’t bother your property.

Myrtle Beach Pest Control, Serving Myrtle Beach, SC, and the surrounding areas:

  • Socastee
  • Little River
  • Conway
  • Murrells Inlet
  • Surfside Beach
  • Georgetown
  • Pawleys Island
  • Grand Strand
  • North Myrtle Beach

What Our Customers Say

The initial inspection was far more thorough than the other guys. The tech who was sent out to do the work was punctual, friendly and one of the hardest working guys I've seen. Worked all day, including in a crawl space for several hours.
buck bennett
buck bennett
17:03 22 Oct 18
Justin Ray
Justin Ray
21:28 25 Mar 19
Bill Stifter
Bill Stifter
23:19 13 Feb 19
Tyler Peplinski
Tyler Peplinski
16:33 10 May 18
Zachary H
Zachary H
17:04 09 May 18
We have been with Dodson's in MB since we moved here 5 years ago. We receive such superb service, reliable and responsive folks. NEVER have bugs or pest issues. HIGHEST recommendation!
Dari Carnes
Dari Carnes
19:25 29 Mar 19
I didn't use their service, but one of their vehicles was driving along my route I take to get to work and was an excellent and curtious driver. It was raining and they were kind to the drivers around them. The how's my driving stickers last three digits were 429. Awesome job.
Christopher Schumal
Christopher Schumal
12:03 02 Apr 19
Lynn Gallagher
Lynn Gallagher
23:12 04 Apr 19
Excellent service. On time. Explained all procedures. Top of the line!
Beverly Griffin
Beverly Griffin
14:44 07 May 19
13 years of outstanding service. We moved into a new house and for the first year we had outside termite control free provided by another company. when it came time to renew we talked to the company (large national one) and then to Dodson, a local company. The price difference was surprising for both inside/outside and termite control. The termite control in particular was quite a bit higher. My research showed that the method Dodson used was equivalent to the use of plastic cans in the yard. We try to use local merchants and services whenever we can, thinking that the more money spent and staying locally, the better for the local economy. Our 1st service tech, who we had for at least 7 years, was great. Every quarter, on time and always kept us bug free. Our 2nd tech is the same. Very personable as well.Get some comparisons, consider the cost of national advertising being factored in and decide for yourself. My review as a homeowner is unbiased and true. I highly recommend Dodson.
Dale Morris
Dale Morris
13:39 14 May 19
I moved to Myrtle Beach in 2014 and have used this company ever since. They have given me great service and Landon is so nice, dependable, and does an excellent job servicing my home in and out. They also did my termite treatment. I used Dodson before moving here at my previous residence, and I received the same excellent service. I would give this company a higher rating if I could. No bugs here!
Sabrina Adkins
Sabrina Adkins
15:15 16 May 19
We are very pleased with Dodson Pest Control! The service and technician are excellent! Rob always comes when we call and we are very pleased. Thank you!!
Tiffany Richardson
Tiffany Richardson
16:05 20 Jun 19
Thorough and efficient! Rob shows up when he says he will and is careful as we have a few pets roaming around the house.
23:35 26 Jun 19
We have had Dodson service our home for over four years. They have always provided great service and have professional and courteous employees.
David Goulet
David Goulet
16:18 28 Jun 19
Very conscientious technician, I think his name is Landon. Very polite and he makes sure we never have a problem.
Debra Hayes
Debra Hayes
15:48 01 Jul 19
Landon always does a great job, is professional but is easy to talk to so there isnt that awkward silence when getting your place treated. Thanks for the good work Dodson!
Charles Boyer
Charles Boyer
17:10 08 Jul 19
I have been a commercial customer of Dodson's at more than one property spanning more than a decade. I have always been impressed by their customer care and diligence. Not once have I had an issue with them not being timely and efficient. Thank you Team Dodson!
I Me
I Me
17:00 10 Jul 19
Landon comes to our apartment community every Wednesday to spray. He is very professional and always does a great job. I would highly recommend everyone to use Dodson Pest Control in Myrtle Beach.
Eric Grez
Eric Grez
13:41 10 Jul 19
Great service! Very happy with this company! They come very quickly when you call, and Dan is very helpful!! My restaurant is bug-free!
Theresa Brightwell
Theresa Brightwell
12:13 12 Jul 19
We ave used Dodson for he past 12 years and have always had excellent service from them. Our technician is very personable and polite and does a excellent job with our service. When we discovered termites, they were quick to respond and treat our home.
Harry Litchfield
Harry Litchfield
17:48 16 Jul 19
The staff is very helpful, kind, and on time. Very thorough in a timely manner. We have the same tech, Rob come to our home every month and he is very witty, friendly and knowledgeable. We live near the woods and haven't had any problems since we started using this company. Anyone in need of this service, I highly recommend Dodson.
Melody Saunders
Melody Saunders
21:56 21 Jul 19
We are very pleased with the service we get from Dodson Pest Control. Jason has been our service man for 2 years. He's very thorough and polite. He's also very helpful if we have any questions about the area, we just moved here 2 years ago.
Marilyn Taylor
Marilyn Taylor
17:48 22 Jul 19
I have been a client of Dodson Pest Control for 10 years and have had fantastic service from their technicians. At the Pawleys Island house, Dan was our serviceman and now in Market Common, Jason makes the bugs go bye-bye. My wife is a Nurse Practitioner and she can deal with very GROSS things at the hospital but have a little palmetto bug run across the floor, oh no, Dodson gets a call ASAP! It's a Code Blue at our house and they keep everything A-OK. This is a great company and I highly recommend them .
Bill Reid
Bill Reid
21:30 22 Jul 19
Our Dodson Pest Control representative Dan is outstanding. If we were not home, we would trust him to enter and do his job. He is always courteous, prompt, flexible, and efficient. In essence, he has become a friend. Therefore, our impression of Dodson has always been "five star".
Ross Lenhart
Ross Lenhart
17:27 29 Jul 19
Just want to say that we have been using Dodson for a few years now.They are always on time,and very polite, and we never see any critters around the house. Our man Jason is the politest and friendly person you want to deal with. I'll over look that he is a Cowboy fan. We would recommend them anytime. Thank you.Eric
Eric Overholt
Eric Overholt
14:53 30 Jul 19
Rob walker has been coming to my home for 10+ years. Not only does Dodson pest control products work, their technicians are excellent. Rob plays with my dogs when he comes for services, he ask about my family, He is very professional, trustworthy and on time. I appreciate the extra few minutes he takes. I highly recommend this company. Thank you.
Natasha Walker
Natasha Walker
15:34 01 Aug 19
Always a great experience with Dodson!! Dan is great at contacting me for service and then shows up exactly when he says he will. He is respectful of my home and always has a smile! Great service with a smile is how every company should function! Thanks Dan and Dodson!
Denise OShea
Denise OShea
13:37 23 Aug 19

We are totally satisfied with the service provided by Dodson!


I have been with your termite service thirty years. Very, very satisfied and will continue with our termite service.


It was a pleasure having Dan Brone come to our home each time we needed your service!!


Dan Brone is an exceptional person and very good service technician.


I just wanted to tell you what a great job your technician, Matt Johnson, does for us. He is very considerate and thorough. We are glad to do business with Matt and Dodson!


Dan Brone is the best! He takes his time, he is thorough, and very nice!


My technician is wonderful!


Thank you for everyone who helped us!


Our technician, Matt Johnson, has been awesome and very accommodating!


Enjoyed your service very much!


My technician was always friendly and polite and always did a great job.


Dan Brone is exceptional and the best technician we have ever had!

James & Jess

We will use Dodson again once settled in new property!

Yvette Wijhoff

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your employee, Adam Lyons, who came this afternoon to treat our kitchen for sugar ants and did his scheduled service at the same time. 

Sue Leon

We have used your services in this house and in my previous house and always been satisfied!


Chris Miceli did a very thorough, quick job.


Always pleasant and very efficient!


Robert is very knowledgeable, courteous and pleasant to work with! 


I wanted to reach out and tell you how wonderfully helpful and patient Judi, you CSR, in the Myrtle Beach office was with me. 


We have had excellent service and have trusted our service person, Michael, these past years! 


We were very happy with the service and the people, especially our technician Robert! 

Ernest & Terry

We have had Dodson termite and pest control for 20 years and have been very pleased with service. Staff was always very helpful!

Richard & Sandra

Service technician was absolutely the best!


Everything was great especially the technician.


I liked the service, people and response time. If problems, you all came back until we were satisfied! If we ever moved back, I would ask for you all again.


The technician, Rob, was always prompt, very respectful and polite. Took time to explain about problems.

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