The moment people figure out they might have bed bugs is oftentimes a scary one. How did they find their way into your home or business? What’s it going to take to get rid of them, and how quickly? Many will immediately begin looking for the bed bugs’ hiding place and for ways to sanitize the infested area. Unfortunately, bed bugs are often difficult to eradicate. But with the techniques of a professional pest control technician, it is possible!

Common Home Remedies

Most people discover they have bed bugs through finding bites and welts on their skin or through the presence of fecal matter, blood spots or shed nymph exoskeletons on their linens or clothing. The first thing they do, then, is throw their bed linens and clothing in the wash on a hot water cycle. Hot water could kill bed bugs if they’re attached to these items, but it won’t kill them all because these items are not the source of the infestation. The source of the infestation will be somewhere else, hidden out of view and out of reach, like behind a headboard, baseboard, electrical outlet or wall crevice. Oftentimes the only person who can find them is someone who’s been trained to look for them, like a pest control technician or better yet, a scent detection canine.

Another common home treatment method is to spread a layer of boric acid or diatomaceous earth in the area where you suspect bed bugs to be. However, boric acid is completely ineffective against bed bugs, and diatomaceous earth may only kill a few, if any, bed bugs when applied correctly. Other DIY techniques include bug bombs, traps, foggers, vacuuming and using dryer sheets in laundry, but these techniques are mostly ineffective or based on myths about pest treatment. Bed bugs hide well and won’t necessarily even respond to any of these treatments. Bed bug problems usually require a more direct, professional solution.

What Kills Bed Bugs?

The solution that usually kills bed bugs the quickest is chemical fumigation. This may lead home and business owners to turn up the heat in a particular area, but since bed bugs are capable of adapting and traveling up to 200ft, they may simply end up changing their hiding place and moving to a different location.

Fortunately, professional pest management companies have targeted solutions that can get rid of bed bugs rapidly and effectively. Most pest control companies rely on concentrated heat treatments with special tools. However, this can cause damage to furniture and cabinetry that uses laminated material. In addition, these kinds of treatments can even damage electronics, artwork, and more items in the home. Heat treatments can be effective under the right circumstances, but this should only be determined by a professional.

The most effective and quick solution is to use a chemical fumigate using a tape and seal method.  In the fumigation scenario, the pest control technicians will use a specially designed insecticide to eradicate bed bugs but keep possessions unharmed. Unfortunately, many pest control providers are not certified or insured to conduct a fumigation. This is where Dodson Pest Control’s 75+ years of experience comes into play. We have invested heavily in understanding bed bugs and how best to effectively (and safely) treat for them.

Let Us Help!

If you think you might have a bed bug infestation, contact Dodson Pest Control immediately, as you will not be fully able to get rid of them on your own. At Dodson Pest Control, we offer free inspections, and we will create a customized treatment solution that will fit your needs. Contact us today!