Nikki: Hey, how are you? I’m Nikki D.

Eric: Hey, I’m fine, I’m Eric Stegall, good to meet you.

Nikki: Nice to see you! We have a project, this house had bed bugs. We have some special team members who are going to help us see if there are bed bugs around, correct?

Eric: Correct, we have our canine unit actually.

Nikki: I’m excited! So I guess I should change into my uniform and then let’s get going! Hi, Scout, you are cute! He knows bed bugs, he can sense them. So, the house has already been treated, but we want to make sure everything is good to go. So, how would he react if there were to be a bed bug?

Jim: You’ll see him get noticed, and start to notice a particular area, and then he will eventually sit. There happens to be something hidden in this room.

Nikki: Oh, really?

Jim: Yes, we can test him a little bit. And he’s letting us know that he has detected the odor. Let’s see if he can locate it and confirm the alert.

Nikki: He’s going for something.

Jim: That’s a good boy!

Nikki: Good job, Scout!

Jim: That’s a good boy! So, he found some bed bugs that we placed here earlier, so now he gets his reward.

Nikki: So, what’s that?

Jim: That’s his toy.

Nikki: Oh!

Jim: Good boy!

Nikki: Good job Scout!

Jim: Now if you’d like, I can go get our other team member and get miss Jenny in here.

Nikki: Yeah.

Jim: Let’s take this guy, we’re going to put it just inside this cover here. So that’s her uniform.

Nikki: Hey, Jenny.

Jim: And she’s ready to go.

Nikki: Are you going to get…

Jim: Now here…

Nikki: Oh, she’s gone!

Jim: She’ll go find it too quick. Jenny, come here! I’m going to circle her around so you just turn with me. You can hear she’s pulling a lot of air right now.

Nikki: She is! She’s pulling me too, it’s like she can tell something’s over here. Oh! She says “I have something!”

Jim: What is it? Show me!

Nikki: What is it?

Jim: Show me! She gets a little bit excited.

Nikki: Where’s it at? Is it over here?

Jim: Yep, she’s saying okay I’ve got it, I got it, I’m good. She’s like “I’ve got you this close, you figure it out from there.” That’s a good girl!

Nikki: Good job Jenny!

Jim: That’s a good girl.