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Richmond, VA, is home to thousands of people and thousands more pests. If your home or business has an infestation, you want a pest control company that you can trust to take care of the problem. The Richmond branch of Dodson Pest Control is here to provide lasting solutions to homeowners and business owners alike. Our highly trained, courteous, professional technicians can answer any questions you have, and they’ll provide you with the best possible pest management service.

Dodson Pest Control has over 75 years of experience handling pest problems of every kind, and we offer free inspections. Our technicians will visit your property and create a customized preventative maintenance plan to get rid of pests and keep them out.

If you want to get in touch with our Richmond North office, please use the form below. A member of our team will contact you shortly.

Our office is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Some of the pest control services we offer include:

  • Bed Bug Management: Treating bed bugs is extremely difficult, and DIY methods do not work in the long run. To ensure that the job is done correctly, you need a professional exterminator. To learn more about bed bugs, click here
  • Pest Bird Management: Pest birds like pigeons, sparrows and starlings can carry many diseases and parasites. They carry over 60 diseases that can be passed to humans. Removing them from your home often requires the help of a pest professional.
  • Rodent Control: If you spot one mouse or rat, there’s a good chance you have more. To prevent an infestation, seek a professional pest control company for treatment options.
  • Fly Management and Mosquito Control: Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to manage and prevent fly and mosquito infestations. After a comprehensive inspection to identify the problem, we will provide a customized treatment plan to manage the current flies and mosquitoes and prevent future issues.
  • Termite Control: Spotting termite damage requires the skills of a licensed, trained, professional exterminator. Because there are so few visible warning signs, termite activity and the resulting damage can go undetected for years, resulting in high repair costs. So if you think you might have a termite infestation, or if you need a termite inspection when buying or selling a home, contact us today.
  • Pest Management: Other household pests, like cockroachesants and other insects can lead to health problems, allergies, food contamination and damage to your home and furnishings. At Dodson Pest Control, we have the knowledge and training to treat your specific pest problem effectively.
  • Moisture Control: We have a moisture control program that includes several treatment and preventative options, such as the Atmox System. These options will assist you in gaining effective protection from water damage and the pest problems that it may bring.
  • Home Inspections: We don’t just solve pest problems when they show up, we also help prevent them. Whether you’re in the real estate business or a commercial business owner or a homeowner wanting to ensure pests don’t bother you, we offer home inspections to give you peace of mind.

Richmond Pest Control, serving Richmond VA and the surrounding areas:

  • Henrico
  • Mechanicsville
  • Midlothian
  • Ashland
  • Glen Allen
  • Powhatan
  • Chester
  • Colonial Heights

What Our Customers Say

The best pest control company you can find. Infinitely better than Orkin or Terminix.
Brian Kelley
Brian Kelley
16:35 22 May 18
Very customer friendly....knowledgeable re bugs n prices for exterminating a very reasonable...
dawoo akbar
dawoo akbar
16:39 05 Mar 17
Outstanding service staff!!!!
Laluke Sweezy
Laluke Sweezy
14:44 16 May 17
Diana Quinn
Diana Quinn
01:40 22 Oct 18
Raymond Sheets Jr.
Raymond Sheets Jr.
15:07 19 May 17
Joseph Simpson
Joseph Simpson
20:36 18 Apr 19
Dodson Pest
Dodson Pest
19:17 30 Apr 19
Very customer oriented, friendly, knowledgeable technicians and office staff!Will always recommend calling Dodson to anyone with pest control needs.
Heather Martz
Heather Martz
02:05 12 May 19
Nice people
Xi Lin
Xi Lin
14:08 12 May 19
Best control business around
BJ Powell
BJ Powell
20:17 23 May 19
Always very knowledgeable
Joan J Pi
Joan J Pi
02:08 30 May 19
We have been working with Alex for the past couple of months and he has been great. He has been very educational as well as instructional. Telling us what to do differently and pointing out different areas of concern. I personally really respect anyone who when they say will be there at a time is definitely there at that time. Thanks again for providing such quality service, and knowledgeable staff
sonny fleming
sonny fleming
00:53 28 Feb 20
Alex is our technician and he's always done an incredible job. He's professional, friendly, efficient and effective. Any time we have specific requests for areas to treat, it's assessed and taken care of. We've never had anything but a positive experience with this company or Alex and will continue to use them. I would recommend them to anyone in search of pest control, especially for a small business.
Emily Rose
Emily Rose
16:15 20 Mar 20
We have a regularly scheduled visits. They are prompt, quick, easy to talk to and understand our needs. Recently we expanded into another building and they followed us with excellent service. Our kitchens, bathrooms and break rooms are absolutely pest free, and their customer service monitors pest activity with traps and wisdom that I would not thought of. I have no doubts about the level of service we receive and the protection they bring to all the children in the buildings.
Christopher Ost
Christopher Ost
18:16 29 Jan 20
Alex, our technician, is wonderful! He always checks in before coming and is quick to adjust the schedule should something come up. He is very polite and knowledgeable and really takes the time to treat and inspect our home each visit. Our dogs also love him!
Heather Brugh
Heather Brugh
13:21 17 Jan 20
Please give 5 stars to Alex Baxter with Dodson Pest control in Richmond, Va. I recently had a rodent problem that should have been resolved when I did over $3,500 of crawlspace work plus a few years ago. However, the problem returned. Alex pulled the contract, inspected and determined that some of the contract work was never completed and my rodent problem returned. Alex took control, got the work completed and now I am rodent free. He is thorough, cared about my problem, followed through and I trust him completely. I am a very happy customer now. Thank you Alex and thank you Dodson for such an impressive and professional employee.Lynn E. Anderson, Richmond, Virginia
Lynn Anderson
Lynn Anderson
16:04 06 Apr 20

Your group was very nice!!


Excellent service!


Love your company and personnel!


We appreciate all you did to rid the pests from our home!


I really wanted to compliment your Customer Service Representative, Katherine Lord.


Tim Michael was great!


Just want to say that Frank Brown is an excellent technician. We enjoy having him to service our home!


We have used your company for years and will continue to do so!


I used Dodson back in 1977 and they did a great job! Thank you for your service!


We are very, very pleased with the dedication and service rendered to us by Dodson Bros. Pest Control. Donald Doyle and David Davis have shown great care as they inspected our home and crawl space.


I have been using Dodson for probably 20 years in different locations around the Richmond area and have always been pleased.


I have received excellent service from technician, Brian Ragland! He is courteous, friendly and I can tell he likes his job. I also appreciate the excellent service I received from supervisor, Heather Martz!


Our technician, Frank Brown, is excellent! We enjoy having him to service our house. He is always so willing to do whatever we ask him.

Faye & Frank Jacques

Ryan did our service inspection today and was professional both on the phone the day before service and then today!


Clyde, your salesman, was so nice. Incredibly great experience! 


I am very pleased with new tech, James. He did a wonderful job, was very knowledgeable and very professional! 


“David did a great job. He worked us in and went out of his way. Very professional. Great employee!”


You guys are great!


Ronnie is an asset to your company. Very professional, very detailed and polite.


Thank you so, so much for having such great service and great employees!

Dodson Customer

Give Clyde an “atta boy!” Outstanding job done on re-inspection. Great guy with great attitude.

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