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Attracting many tourists, Greensboro is home to numerous historical attractions, art museums and galleries, along with quite a few pests. If you’re experiencing a pest infestation, you need someone you can trust to help get rid of the problem.

Dodson Pest Control is a pest control company that is proud to serve the Triad area of Greensboro, NC. With over 75 years of residential and commercial pest control experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. After your free inspection, our technicians will create a customized preventative treatment program for your home or business. If you would like to contact our Greensboro office, please use the form below. A member of our team will be in contact shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our office is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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We offer the following pest control services in Greensboro, North Carolina:

  • Bed Bug Management: Bed bug infestations are on the rise nationally, and DIY techniques don’t get rid of them permanently. These pests are hard to eliminate and require professional attention. 
  • Pest Bird Management: When birds become a nuisance, you need a professional to take care of them. Pigeons, sparrows, and starlings are among the most common pest bird types.
  • Rodent Control: If you spot one mouse in the house, there are likely more nearby. Our technicians will take the necessary steps to remove any rodents inside your home and prevent more from coming in.
  • Fly Management and Mosquito Control: Flies and mosquitoes can pose serious health concerns to both commercial and residential properties.
  • Termite Control: Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year in the United States. Protect your investment by getting regular termite inspections, termite treatments and getting a professional exterminator to get rid of any that be infesting your property.
  • Pest Management: Many other pests, particularly insects, can be a serious problem. If antsbeescockroachesfleas, or other unwanted guests have invaded your home, we can get rid of them.
  • Moisture Control: When moisture builds up inside a crawl space, it can pose serious threats to the wood and foundation of a home. With services such as the Atmox System, we can help reduce any accumulated moisture and increase air circulation.
  • Home Inspections: Besides getting rid of pests, we want to help you make sure they don’t show up in the first place. We do home inspections, and from there we create a preventative maintenance plan to keep the pests at bay. Whether you’re a home owner, a commercial business owner or a developer of real estate, we’re here to keep your property pest-free.

Greensboro Pest Control, Serving Greensboro VA and the surrounding areas:

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What Our Customers Say

Have used Dodson Bros. For ant and spider issues. Both were resolved in a timely manner. Spiders and ants are some of the hardest beside roaches to deal with. They will always come back unless you find the source...their home. The technician found the source of ants a pile of rotting wood off the edge of my property. The ants had climbed a tree and had access to my roof top due to a drooping limb touching my rooftop. My spider issue had come and gone eaves were treated. I then cleaned the eaves and doorways. Recommendations were made to remove pinestraw and use mulch instead. When I removed the pinestraw I had less mice, and snakes around the perimeter of the house. I appreciate the knowlege/ experience of my technician. This was completed a couple of years ago....I have not needed any service since. But if needed I know where I can get help. Thankyou Dodson Bros.
Patrick McMasters
Patrick McMasters
18:42 06 Feb 18

Mark Brown was great!


Your staff is friendly, professional, and efficient!


Missy Nidiffer and John Townsend are fabulous!


Our service man, David Morrison… knows what he is doing and does it well.


Always had great customer service!


Jamie always did the extras I ask for…never an issue!


The young woman who helped us was conscientious and helpful and we really liked her! 


We moved, but no worries! We found a new house and as soon as we close, we’ll be calling you. We loved your service, Ken Allen! 


Always pleased and satisfied with Dodson!


Thank you for such courteous service!


I have been very pleased with Dodson and Kenny was a great technician!

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