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Welcome to Dodson Brothers introduction to structural fumigation. I’m Marcia Smith. We’re going to explain the nature of a structural fumigation, associated with wood destroying pests, and what’s involved in the process. We will describe what we do, what you need to do, and how you can best prepare for this extensive, structural fumigation treatment. Your home may be at risk of being permanently damaged by wood destroying insects that feed on, or tunnel into, the wood of your home. These pests can seriously damage houses or other structures.

Pests, such as wood borers and powder post beetles, present a special danger to wooden structures. Should an infestation reach a critical level, the integrity of the structure can be at risk and action must be taken to remedy this serious problem. It is always best to use licensed, trained professionals to provide a fumigation treatment. Dodson Brothers has many years of expertise in structural fumigation, and our technicians are fully certified. Depending on the extent of the infestation, structural fumigation may be the only total control method proven to eliminate certain infestations of wood destroying insects.

The fumigant we use is called Vikane, which is colorless, tasteless and odorless and does not effect paint, finishes or fabrics. Your Dodson Brothers fumigation representative will go over the building owner’s checklist with you in advance of your scheduled fumigation so you can properly prepare for the service. Let us look at what is involved in a structural fumigation service by Dodson Brothers.

Prior to the fumigation service, there are a number of things you should do to prepare. You will need to make advance arrangements before the fumigation to disconnect natural and propane gas. Unplug all heating elements and prepare the area around your house by cutting back shrubbery and thoroughly watering the ground adjacent to the structure. Additionally, plants, pets (including fish), unsealed food and other items on the building owners checklist must be removed from the home before the service is performed. You will need to make arrangements to vacate the premises when the crew arrives for the service. You will also need to provide a phone number where you can be reached. We understand that questions may arise at any time, so please be assured we are here for you whenever you need us.

On the morning of the first day, we confirm the cubic footage of your structure to determine the exact dosage of fumigant and the most effective way to cover the entire structure. Fans, electrical connections and lines are strategically placed inside the home to monitor the dispersal of gas. Meanwhile, the exterior of the home is prepared to be covered by the large tarps in order to fully seal the entire structure. Before placing the tarps over the structure, we sometimes have to remove antennas, weather vanes and chimney coverings on the roof that may tear the tarp. We cover corners, plumbing vent pipes and other sharp edges of the roof and corners of the house so the tarp will not tear once it is in place.

Our personnel raise the tarps to the roof of the house and unroll them to completely cover the roof of the house. Seams between the tarps are unrolled and tightly clamped together. Long, weighted sandbags are placed on the tarp all around the house to maintain the seal. Once the house is completely covered, our professional, licensed technicians make final preparations in the interior to ensure that the fumigant is introduced evenly in all parts of the home inside and also out under the tarp. Once covered, the entire structure is wrapped as a precaution against wind damage to help maintain the seal. When the structure is completely sealed and properly secured, the fumigant can be introduced into the structure. Warning signs are placed on all sides of the structure. For security, secondary locks are placed on all entry doors.

Our personnel utilize a fumiguide computer to calculate the proper dosage of Vikane, which is strictly regulated by state regulators. Dodson Brothers takes great care to ensure the proper dosage of Vikane is introduced into the structure. We weigh the Vikane tank on the site and carefully release the proper amount of the fumigant, calculated for your home’s dimensions.

Once the necessary amount of Vikane is introduced, the concentration of the fumigant in various parts of the house is monitored with a fumiscope. Interior air samples are taken several times during the fumigation process to ensure the proper concentration of fumigant is maintained. A Dodson Brothers representative stays on the property overnight to safeguard your property and to take fumiscope readings.

Generally, the sealed fumigation lasts for approximately 24 hours. This time period ensures that all the pests are eliminated by the fumigant through proper exposure. On the second day, our technicians return and begin the process in reverse. The tarps covering the house are loosened, and sandbags and clamps are removed. To begin the aeration process, the house is opened up to the outside air to make sure that levels of fumigant are reduced on the inside. Once aerated for several hours, a technician enters the house wearing a self contained breathing apparatus, opening up the windows and doors to ensure proper ventilation.

We then begin to remove the tarps to continue the aeration process. An approved clearing device is used to test the inside air and ensure proper dissipation. The tarps, supply lines, monitor lines, fans and protective coverings are then removed. After the house has been completely aerated, our technicians continue to measure the interior air with the approved clearing device, which can detect gas in parts per million. We test the air around beds, pillows and other items for the smallest amounts of remaining fumigant.

Once each room is cleared with a reading of less than one part per million, we close the drawers, windows and doors. After all areas of the house have been carefully checked, the fumigation is determined to be complete, and the structure is ready for re-occupancy.

Your Dodson Brothers representative will review with you all of the details of the completed fumigation and answer any questions. While it is challenging to vacate your home for this service, structural fumigation is the most effective method to control serious infestations of wood destroying insects that can permanently and severely damage a structure. We hope this video has been helpful to the understanding of the processes involved in structural fumigation. And remember, we are available at any time to answer any questions you may have about structural fumigation service. Thanks for watching. I’m Marcia Smith for Dodson Brothers.