This spring and summer has seen a dramatic increase of bed bug infestations in the Charlotte area. In fact, recent studies claim that Charlotte is among the Top 20 Cities for bed bugs across the U.S.. From bed bugs in homes and hotel rooms to schools banning backpacks to avoid the risk of an infestation, homeowners and businesses across the Charlotte metro area are searching for answers.

How to spot bed bugs

Bed bugs are incredibly small and often difficult to spot if you are unsure what to look for. When checking a bed, specifically look around the piping, seams, and tags of the mattress and box spring, as well as in cracks on the bed frame and headboard. Look for rusty or red stains on bed sheets or mattresses, which are caused by bed bugs being crushed, and look for dark spots the size of this dot (), which indicate bed bug excrement that tends to bleed onto fabric. You may also find eggs or eggshells, which are roughly one millimeter in size and are pale yellow in appearance.

Where bed bugs commonly live

Think of bed bugs as hitchhikers. They find a spot or a host they like and can be transported from place to place in suitcases, boxes, shoes, or any small crevice near a food supply. Typically, bed bugs are found in residential areas (a recent NPMA survey reported that “residences” top the list of places where bed bugs are found, with 95 percent of infestations being treated in apartments or single family homes). They can conceal themselves behind baseboards, wallpaper, upholstery, picture frames, electrical switchplates, furniture crevices and, of course, in a bed. Bed bugs have also been found to temporarily take up residence in backpacks and under the seats in cars, buses, and trains.

What to do if you find bed bugs

If you spot bed bugs or think you may have seen the signs of where bed bugs have been, contact us immediately. It is critical  to catch bed bugs early, before a real infestation problem occurs. While there are several DIY or home remedy approaches to removing bed bugs from a space, studies have shown that bed bugs are evolving to combat certain chemicals and treatments, so it is more important than ever to contact professionals who know what it takes to eliminate them. To learn more about the process that Dodson Pest Control follows to detect and eliminate bed bugs, visit us here.

If you feel unsure about whether or not you have bed bugs or simply want to take the necessary precautions to prevent an infestation, schedule a free inspection with us!

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