The Right Choice - 10 Good Reasons

Good reasons to choose usThere are good reasons for selecting Dodson Bros. for subterranean termite control. They are:

  1. We are a family-owned business with  73 years of experience in termite and pest control.
  2. Our offices are all company-owned and operated.
  3. All estimates are submitted and reviewed with you in writing before any work is started.
  4. Our professional inspectors and service technicians receive ongoing training and education.
  5. Dodson Bros. has an outstanding reputation for doing the highest quality work at a reasonable cost.
  6. We will not cancel your termite protection, as long as you maintain your annual renewal fee, no untreated structural change has taken place, and conducive conditions have been corrected.
  7. Termite renewal protection fees include your annual reinspection service.
  8. Our annual termite reinspections provide additional protection, plus peace of mind, and insures the dependability of our guarantee.
  9. The guarantee may be transferable should you ever sell your property, subject to approval by Dodson Bros. management.
  10. The cost of termite treatment is minimal when you consider the total investment of your home or building and the costs associated with damage repairs.


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