Moisture Control

Protect your home from costly water damage

Is moisture affecting your home?
If so, you need to be concerned.

Moisture, wood-decay fungi and termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes each year. Wood-decay fungi can develop and grow if there is enough moisture in a crawl space along with a lack of adequate ventilation. Excessive moisture is also attractive for infestation by termites and powder-post beetles.

When moisture builds up in a crawl space, it is absorbed into the wood and foundation of the home. Fungal spores begin to grow and actually thrive when there is high humidity, When spores of wood-decay fungi are activated by excessive moisture, they grow root-like structures called hyphae. Hyphae grow into the wood and break down the fibers that give wood its strength. Termite infestations are also more likely in moist, unventilated areas. Foundation moisture, wood-decay fungi and termites can cause extensive damage to your home in just a few years.

Wood-decay fungi...
How will it affect your home?

There are several different types of wood-decay fungi. There are those that cause brown rot, water-conducting fungi/dry rot and white rot. With brown rot, the wood becomes brownish. Upon drying, the wood shrinks into small cubical pieces that are easily crushed into powder. Dry rot produces papery yellowish-white fans of hyphae and whitish to black root-like structures. This results in a brown rot kind of decay. White rot gives wood a bleached appearance and the wood becomes stringy and spongy, not brittle.

Examples of brown rot damage

Examples of brown rot damage

Identifying a moisture problem...
What are the signs?

These are indications your home may have a moisture problem:

  • Mildew and musty odors
  • Peeling paint and wallpaper
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Wood rot or sagging floors
  • Foundation damage

Dodson Pest Control Innovative Solutions...

Dodson has the knowledge and experience to aid in managing excessive ground moisture problems. We have a moisture control program that includes several components to assist you in providing effective protection from excessive moisture in your home.




Using sensors, the ATMOX System measures the dew point inside and outside your crawlspace to determine when fans should run. The fans allow for natural air circulation into the crawlspace bringing fresh dry air into the crawlspace and ultimately your home.
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Temp VentsThe quickest and most effective way to tackle a moisture control problem is to increase air circulation in the crawl space and allow existing moisture to escape. To improve circulation, there must be adequate cross-ventilation. This ventilation can occur only when crawl space vents are properly installed. Dodson Pest Control installs TEMP-VENT Automatic Foundation Vents to improve crawl space ventilation. The vents are designed to begin opening around 40 degrees and to be fully open at 70 degrees to prevent humidity buildup. The vents close at around 38 degrees to help prevent energy loss and freezing pipes. The vents work year-round, day and night, to automatically ventilate the crawl space of your home.


Moisture Barriers

A barrier is another effective way to reduce moisture, Dodson Pest Control will place a protective polyethylene barrier over crawl space soil to prevent naturally occurring water vapors from rising up into your home. When water vapors are contained by the polyethylene barriers, they won't be absorbed by wood in the crawl space.



Dodson Pest Control may apply an odorless liquid treatment of Borate to all exposed wood in the crawl space, in and around areas where there is wood-decay fungi. Borates assist in the prevention of future wood-decay fungal growth when moisture levels increase.

Your role as a homeowner...
You can help to prevent moisture.

There are many things you can do as a homeowner to help control moisture: Eliminate standing water and its source, vent the clothes dryer to the outside, insulate properly, clean existing gutters and downspouts, install gutters where needed and repair leaky plumbing. Also, make sure the exterior grade or the slope of the ground directs the ground water and the water from the roof away from the foundation of your home. Dodson Pest Control is here to provide assistance with moisture problems.

Moisture conditions in and around structures can be conducive to a variety of household pests and wood destroying insects, and moisture conditions can also provide an environment favorable to the growth of mold, mildew and other fungi. Dodson offers moisture control services, but makes no claims as to mold control. Dodson is not responsible for any property damage resulting from the presence of mold or mildew or for personal or property damage resulting from the disruption or dispersal of mold spores during inspection and moisture control services. Questions concerning health-related issues, the presence of mold, the release of mold spores or indoor air quality should be directed to a qualified professional.

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