ATMOX for Moisture

Is your crawl space in disarray and is moisture affecting your home?

If so, you need to be concerned.

Your crawl space may have moisture problems. Do you experience any of these signs?


  • Water and moisture
  • Musty odors and mildew
  • Foundation damage
  • Wood rot or sagging floors
  • Peeling insulation, paint and wallpaper
  • Sticking doors and windows

How do moisture and wood decay fungi affect your home?

Moisture, wood-decay fungi and termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes each year. Wood-decay fungi can develop and grow if there is enough moisture in a crawl space along with a lack of adequate ventilation.

Termite and powder-post beetle infestations also are more likely in moist, unventilated areas. Foundation moisture, fungi and termites can cause extensive damage to your home in just a few years.

Dodson Pest Control uses ATMOX to provide the smart, scientific way to manage moisture control with improved circulation of air. Here is how it works…

The ATMOX system is very basic and simple. We ventilate with fresh dry air from the outside only when it will improve the conditions in the crawl space. Using sensors, the ATMOX system measures the dew point inside and outside your crawl space to determine when the fans should run. The fans allow for natural air circulation into the crawl space, bringing fresh dry air into the crawl space and ultimately your home. When there is high humidity or extreme cold outside, the fans will not run to avoid making conditions worse. The monitor control box informs the homeowner of any possible climate changes in the crawl space.

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