June 27, 2001

Dodson Pest Management Lab

Dodson Pest Management Lab(Lynchburg, VA) - On June 27, 2001, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia dedicated its pest management laboratory to the memory of Bertram F. Dodson, Sr. Mr. Dodson, Sr. was a leader of Virginia's pest management industry for almost half a century. The laboratory, which opened in 1988, has now been officially renamed The Dodson Urban Pest Management Laboratory.

Mr. Dodson, Sr. was instrumental in developing support for the lab among the state's pest management companies, and he headed the efforts to raise funds to build the facility. He died in 1989.

The Dodson Urban Pest Management Laboratory provides facilities to conduct applied research concerning pests found in structural environments. It is also a source of technical information for the pest management industry, as well as a facility that helps train pest management professionals. Scientists use the lab to study such pests as cockroaches, ants, and subterranean termites.



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