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David MooreOur staff entomologist (bug scientist) and Pest Detective, David Moore, writes about topics related to keeping your home pest free.

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Why Proofing a Structure is Important
31 house mouse stink bug on blind

Credit: (National Pest Management Association)

Credit: (National Pest Management Association)

If you have had a pest management professional at your home, you may have heard them speak about proofing a structure to prevent pests from harboring inside of it. This is important for commercial and residential locations and can have far reaching implications if basic maintenance is not sustained.

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Managing light, the key to reducing night-flying insects
moth u of f moths light vc

Credit: (University of Florida)

Credit: (Vasar College)

By reducing the amount and/or changing the color of outside light, you can drastically reduce the attraction of insects and other pests to home. One of the three most common long-distance attractants to insects is lighting. Night flying insects navigate by moon and star light, so out exterior lighting tricks them. These insects navigate by keeping themselves aligned at a certain angle relative to a light source.

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Fly management in your home
Flesh fly University of Arksansas
Flesh Fly
(Credit: University of Arkansas)
house fly-Nebraska
House Fly
(Credit: University of Nebraska)
Green blow fly-Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Green Blow Fly
(Credit: Cleveland Museum of Natural History)

Warm weather is here and along with it comes many flying insects, including large filth flies.  The most common of the larger flies that bother us are the house fly, blow or bottle flies, flesh flies.

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Emerging Wasps
european paper wasp umn paper wasp nest umn
European Paper Wasp
Credit: (University of Minnesota)
Paper Wasp Nest
Credit: (Univeristy of Minnesota)

With spring finally upon us, we will begin to see many more insects. One of the insects that always gets a lot of attention are wasps. This time of year, you will see a few larger than normal wasps. These are the queen wasps that are emerging from their overwintering location. These queen wasps are looking for new locations to take up residency, build a nest and start laying eggs.

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Signs of Termites

termites va tech

(Credit: Virginia Tech)

Termite tubes VT

(Credit: Virginia Tech)

Hearing the word termites brings fear to many homeowners. The thought of their home being destroyed and the costs associated with resolving the issue bring shivers to wallets across the country. I am going to review the signs of termites so you can hopefully catch the problem early.

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American & Brown Dog Ticks

american dog




This is the second blog on ticks and we will discuss the American dog and brown dog ticks. These species are typically encountered outside the home while walking in yards/parks or hiking and are important vectors of some diseases.

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